The United States Constitution is the bedrock of our country, a nation of laws.

Just like the foundation for a house, our Constitution is the base upon which all law rests. If we continuously chip away at the foundation, the house will fall. For this reason, we must strictly follow the Constitution, and all laws and court decisions must comport with the Constitution or they are not valid. In addition, our State Constitution, where not in conflict with the United States Constitution, is the supreme law of our State and all state law and court decisions must also comport with the State Constitution.

As a district court judge, it is my job to hear the facts of the case or controversy, rule on questions of law and the admissibility of evidence, faithfully apply the law as it is written by the legislature, and not as you or I wish it to be, and to render a decision that is fair and impartial to all parties.

During sentencing in a criminal case, a judge may, and should, take into consideration the contributions a particular defendant has made to his community and country as well as his character and reputation, including the presence or absence of past criminal convictions. Ultimately, the sentence should reflect the severity of the crime, the best interest of the community, the best interest of the victim, and the best interest of the defendant.

As judge, I promise I will continue to strictly follow the rule of law; I will continue to be fair and impartial as I fulfill the duties and responsibilities I have sworn to uphold; and I will continue treat all who come before my court with patience, dignity and respect.

As with any elected official, I am accountable to the people.  On November 3, 2020 it will be up to you, the voters, to determine whether or not I have faithfully executed these duties and responsibilities and deserve re-election.  I humbly ask for your vote.